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Slow Progress…

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Headed up to Lancaster to stay at my mum’s over the Easter holidays so she can keep an eye on the kids while I crack on with work.  So far son has developed a high temperature and gone all listless so had to make an emergency out-of-area appointment with the local GPs to get him some antibiotics – one day of making out of the window! Last night his fever returned and triggered his sleepwalking so I had to put him in bed with me. Daughter’s sleep disturbed also, felt unsettled so she got in bed with me too. Result – one night’s missed sleep. Kind mum let me have a long lie in today, but now means I’m a day and a half behind!

Number of burn injuries so far: 4 but expecting more today through sleep deprivation.


Commissions for private homes

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Cracking on with making the installation piece, no pictures as yet but will post soon.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of some private commissions I’ve done recently. It’s nice to see the pieces in context in the home.

Progress of the Piece

Posted in Uncategorized on March 24, 2010 by clareknoxbentham

Now, after weeks of wondering if it all actually is going to happen, I can get on with the making of the piece and so have decided to blog the progress of the installation. It’s been a long gestation period, from the first call from the lovely Catherine from the Crafts Council to say they were interested in my submission until the call last week to say that Cadogan estates had agreed on the proposal. It was a bit like being pregnant and going past the due date – every call, email and conversation started with “Any news yet?” with me having to answer dejectedly, “Not yet, hoping it will be any day now…”

So, I’ve overcome the sense of mild terror you get when confronted with a blank piece of paper and have started twiddling away with edge pieces. Easing myself in gently… I’ve ordered a large 3m sheet of silicone rubber to work on instead of having to panel together 50cm x 30 cm pieces from the small mat I’ve been working on up til now, so I’m excited about its arrival and I can spread out a bit. I will be larging it indeed.

The next job is to source some G-clamps to fit on the 8cm high by 13 cm beams which will hold the installation in place.

I’d really welcome any comments, ideas, feedback, suggestions etc. Feel free to participate!

Number of burn injuries so far: 0

Collect Trail Press Release

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See details from the Crafts Council about the Collect Trail here


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I’ve been selected by the Crafts Council for their ‘Collect Trail’ to advertise the Collect exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in May. Selected makers have been chosen to put their work in shop windows along the King’s Road in Chelsea and my work has been chosen for a huge window installation in Duke of York Square, right opposite the Saatchi Gallery. What an amazing opportunity! Many thanks to the Crafts Council.

I’ll be blogging regularly to document the process and with photos of the piece in progress so watch this space!

Watch this space….

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I’m waiting for confirmation from the Crafts Council about an exciting opportunity. I’ll post more news when I have it!

New photographs

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