Progress of the Piece

Now, after weeks of wondering if it all actually is going to happen, I can get on with the making of the piece and so have decided to blog the progress of the installation. It’s been a long gestation period, from the first call from the lovely Catherine from the Crafts Council to say they were interested in my submission until the call last week to say that Cadogan estates had agreed on the proposal. It was a bit like being pregnant and going past the due date – every call, email and conversation started with “Any news yet?” with me having to answer dejectedly, “Not yet, hoping it will be any day now…”

So, I’ve overcome the sense of mild terror you get when confronted with a blank piece of paper and have started twiddling away with edge pieces. Easing myself in gently… I’ve ordered a large 3m sheet of silicone rubber to work on instead of having to panel together 50cm x 30 cm pieces from the small mat I’ve been working on up til now, so I’m excited about its arrival and I can spread out a bit. I will be larging it indeed.

The next job is to source some G-clamps to fit on the 8cm high by 13 cm beams which will hold the installation in place.

I’d really welcome any comments, ideas, feedback, suggestions etc. Feel free to participate!

Number of burn injuries so far: 0


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