Speedy Gonzales

Work has been progressing at an amazing pace this weekend thanks to the lovely Ian at Kenyon Group in Oldham who has loaned me an air-compressed gun and slugs which has sped the process up incredibly! It’s now taking about an hour and a half to do what was taking me all day – phew. Ian kindly took time out of his day to demonstrate all different types of equipment they stock and enlightened me about the processes of EVA production, which is actually a plant derivitive (made with tree roots, apparently!). Kenyon also raise money for an associated charity, Dr Kershaw’s Hospice in Oldham so to return Ian’s kindness I’ll produce a piece later in the year for Kenyon to help raise money for the hospice. Many thanks!

The weather has been so nice this weekend that I’ve been able to put all the pieces out on the lawn to get an idea of how it’s going to look. It’s quite a challenge working at this scale and I won’t know exactly how it will be until we install it, which is quite worrying!

Number of burn injuries today: 0 – so far, must be getting better at this (or at least more careful)


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