Nearly There!

I’ve completed the making of the piece (HUGE thanks to Ian at Kenyon – I would be still working on it 24/7 if it weren’t for your kind loan!) and am now trying to get the lacquering finished. I’m going down either on 24th April or 1st May to install it in situ in Duke of York Square. The Crafts Council have arranged for some expert installation people to put it up using a cherrypicker, which is all really exciting!

I will be giving a short talk about my work on 14th and 15th May in Duke of York Square from 1pm to 1.30 pm along with some of the other artists on the Collect Trail. This is to run alongside the Collect show at the Saatchi Gallery – I’m looking forward to seeing all the great contemporary craft there too. If you’re going to Collect come along on the Friday or Saturday and say hello!

In the meantime, here’s a few of the sketches I’ve been working from (although I have to say the work doesn’t look quite like this!)


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