Sneaky Peek

I’ve finished all the making and now the pieces are safely packaged up ready for the trip down to London for the installation next week.

Here is a sneak preview of the work laid out on my lawn. Excuse the quality of the photos, but it’s really difficult to photograph something this big! I’d love some feedback so please do add any comments you may have.

I made a little test piece and have had it stuck to my window for a few weeks now as I’m using a different type of EVA and had a panic that it might not perform in the same way, but luckily it’s been fine. Phew.

Number of burn injuries today: 0, but nearly took the end off my thumb last night when I trapped it in the door as I was closing it. Ouch. Will have a lovely black thumbnail soon.


One Response to “Sneaky Peek”

  1. Only just heard about your piece. Fantastic congratulations. Coming down to London on. 14th may for collect. If around and fancy meeting up let me know. Cannot wait to see it!! So pleased for you xx ann marie and ange at The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

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