About Me

I like to subvert the use of ordinary, everyday materials to make unusual, curious objects that you can wear, use or just look at.


5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hi Jenny

    Thanks for your message! I’ll put some more pictures up of some of my older stuff so you can see the sorts of things I do. I mainly do three dimensional pieces rather than paintings so I’m not sure if that’s the sort of thing you’re after.

    The wall hangings are pretty robust – I’ve got two kids also running all over the place – and are pretty stable unless in the line of a direct heat source or flame. I have a piece in a gallery at the moment that is suspended directly above a radiator with no problematic results! I’m really busy with commissions using this technique at the moment but if you have anything specific in mind, let me know.

    Thanks for your interest! Best regards

  2. I have received a beautiful ‘dribble’ brooch made by you and purchased at The Hub in Sleaford. They no longer have your jewellery – can you tell me where I can purchase more brooches/ear-rings/necklaces?

    Many thanks

  3. Tim Cookson Says:

    Hi Clare,

    I have contacted you on Facebook I am interested in the hanging work that you did at Manchester University called “Little Blue” have you still got that or anything similar for sale?


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